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February 15, 2010
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castlevania - alucard preview by beautifully-twisted castlevania - alucard preview by beautifully-twisted
Katsucon 16

Photography (c) Judith Stephens

Ever since I first began cosplaying I had wanted to make an Alucard costume. I made an attempt for Animazement 2005 but lacked the funds and the skills at the time and ended up never finishing the costume. Somehow a few months later I was talked into making a Maria Renard costume to go with a friend's Alucard & my own aspirations of making Alucard were put aside for the time being.

Well, five years & two Maria Renard costumes later -- the first was a rush job made in two hours the night before the con -- I finally decided that I wanted to delve into making my own once again.

My approach to this costume was to make it exactly as I had wanted to when I first began cosplaying. Of course, the result is far superior to anything I might have made at that time. Because there is various conflicting character art, I took what I liked from each as well as the in-game sprite. Alucard's ultimate cloak in the game in the 'Twilight Cloak' -- yes, sparkle sparkle -- and the lining changes from red to black I went with an iridescent black shot red dupioni.

The makeup was intended to look both ethereal yet creepy. I used a white powdered foundation w/ pink undertones on my face and added in dramatic shading with a matte grey and brushed in purple shadows beneath my eyes. I applied both upper and lower false lashes. Black lipstick was applied with a brush to my upper lip while my lower lip was primed with a white creme foundation and covered with a very pale nude lipstick. Black was blended along the lower lip line upwards to create a grey-ish hue.

Overall, this costume turned out to be what I wanted despite the fact that I made it in less than a month and a time total of about seven to eight hours. It's also surprisingly comfortable despite the layers. Not necessarily something I'd want to wear to a summer con, but I was very comfortable in-doors. The only real discomfort was the weight of the cloak pulling at my shoulders after a few hours of wear.

Costume Details:

Coat is made from a black silk velvet & lined with a silver & black scrolled brocade. Cuffs have interfacing & are accented by an ivory embroidered mesh lace. The collar is made from gold fabric I had left over from my Charlotte Elbourne costume and has interfacing & wire to help hold its shape.

The waist coat is a $50 a yard silk jacquard that laces up the back and is covered in 100 hand applied pyramid studs. The buckles are pewter & stone.

The cloak facing is a dull satin and is lined with a black shot red dupoini silk which fastens with pewter clasps & silver jewelry chain. The ascot is made of an ivory silk crepe. The leggings are a stretch pleather.

The gold & silver trim is handwoven and imported from India.

The wig is a Linda XXL in silver-white.

The sword was a purchased medieval practice sword primed, spray painted, rub n' buffed & given an antique patina. The handle is wrapped in a tan leather cording and a resin gem is glued into the pommel. Boots were purchased and the tops rub n' buffed silver.
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DangerCarnie Oct 22, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Edward just shat himself...
StarInsomniac2009 Sep 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
hell yes!!! :dance: this is a vamp no one-not even "sparkling, precious Eddy-kins" can fuck with! XD alucard pwns that little weasel!
For the love of all that's holy women! Richter and Alucard need to go out drinking :)
Huxxxley Feb 18, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
well done!
Your snarl made me giggle when I should've gasped, but I think Judy got that in photographic evidence all the same! lol
You look amazing! Your make-up makes you look just like the official art of Alucard, sooo cool. I was at Katsucon, and I can't believe I didn't see you because I was on the lookout for Castlevania cosplayers and would have loved to see your costume in person and gotten a picture. (I was dressed as SotN Maria for some of the convention too!)
I actually didn't have this costume on for very long, maybe a little over two hours and the whole time we were doing photoshoots. I didn't even go into the con centre the entire con. I'm very elusive at cons.

I would have liked to have seen your Maria, though.
Goddamn, you look FANTASTIC. *_* Gorgeous work!
OH MY GOD! THIS IS AMAZING! The details are absolutely gorgeous! And ksdhfdaki you make such a striking Alucard, holy crap >///<!!

*favs a bloody thousand times over*
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